Putting your home up for sale is an exciting and daunting prospect. You are marketing a property to potential buyers, therefore, you want it to look at its best. A lick of paint, tidying away clutter, and even baking cookies – these are all ways to try and entice a buyer. Some people even consider large-scale renovations or upgrades in a bid to get more interest and money. But, did you know that something as simple as having clean windows can also help to sell your home faster? Read on to learn more.

What makes a property sell?

Getting a buyer in quickly is the dream of every home seller. And the age-old question exists of, ‘what is it that makes a property sell?’. The answer is far from simple. It largely depends on the aspirations of the buyer, the price you’re seeking, and whether it feels like a home to the potential new owner. However, one thing that every estate agent will tell you is that first appearances matter. You want to present a home that feels inviting, welcoming, and makes the viewer want to stay awhile. Decluttering should always be a big focus to help sell them a lifestyle – what could their furniture and personal belonging look like in this space. And, alongside this, offering up a clean and fresh-looking house is imperative. In comes the need for clean, sparkling windows. Let’s take a look at some of the ways clean windows will help to sell your home.

Allows in light

Very rarely do you find someone who says, ‘what I’m dreaming of is a dark and dinghy home?’. Light is one thing that draws house purchasers in. Making a room look larger, allowing them to visualise loved ones occupying this space – there are a host of reasons why good lighting can help to sell. If your windows are covered in dirt, grime, or smear marks, this will hinder the amount of natural light that can filter through.

For many of us, the general build-up of dust and dirt on our windows is largely overlooked. In favour of other areas of our home (such as the floor or shelves), we dedicate less time to ensuring our windows stay clean. Which is why, if you’re in the market to sell your home, it’s vital to take the time to have your windows professionally washed. This will remove grime, allow light in and help you to entice the fancy of a potential buyer.

Highlights the view

If the location and scenic views surrounding your property are one of its key selling points, why wouldn’t you want gleaming clean windows? It’s all good shouting about how your living room backs on to the local rolling hills or how you can hear the ocean waves crashing from your bedroom. If a potential prospect enters your home and just sees clogged up, dingy windows, the supposed idyllic scenery won’t matter one bit.

Working with a professional window cleaner will help you to present the best (framed) view of this scenery from any room in the home. Their specialist techniques and formulations help cut through the toughest grime. And, they leave windows looking cleaner than you could imagine – so much so that you might even consider staying put instead.


Unless you’ve attracted a renovator or someone with extravagant plans, your potential prospect may wish to move in as quickly as possible. This means that any large-scale remedial work or repairs are likely to turn them off. Adding on money, time, and hassle – issues such as badly functioning windows can be a real turn off. Even if your window frames aren’t that old, a build-up of dirt and grime can cause them to become stuck or hard-to-open. You may have even got used to it and put it entirely down to wear-and-tear.

However, if you choose a professional window cleaner, they’ll be able to get into the smaller nooks and crannies around your windows. Not just content with cleaning the glass, they’ll also eliminate built-up leaf debris, insect bodies, or other grime found outside.

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