When it comes to removing certain contaminants from your roof’s surface, professional roof cleaning is one of the most reliable options. Soft wash roof cleaning is one branch, offering a tailored solution to specific ailments on both residential and commercial properties. Here at Jet This Way, we specialise in offering as wide and varied a range of services to our customers as possible. In today’s blog, we’ll cover what soft wash roof cleaning is and whether you need to consider it for your home or business property.

Soft Wash Cleaning Explained

Firstly, let’s explain what soft wash cleaning is. This specialised roof cleaning method is designed to remove biofilm – a build-up of microorganisms such as algae, mildew and mould. Instead of high-pressure water, it uses a low-pressure technique instead. Combined with a specialist formula containing bleach, surfactants and specific algaecides, it is the chosen method for roof materials that are too delicate to be pressure washed.

What are the benefits?

Soft washing is designed to be used in very specific applications. It is ideal for surfaces that are difficult to clean or on materials that are older or more prone to damage. This technique is also commonly used to fight the damage caused by algae which can leave dark marks across shingles. Algae is notorious for causing significant damage to roofs, feeding off of the wet materials used to fit shingles in place. Over time, this will lead to rot and irreversible damage. Soft washing is one of the only techniques that has been repeatedly shown to be effective at removing these algae without causing further damage. It also fits within the manufacturer warranty of many suppliers.

How is soft washing performed?

With any specialist roof cleaning service, we highly recommend enlisting the support of a professional roof cleaning business. This will eliminate the risk of unnecessary damage and ensure you get the very best results. To soft clean, all of the surrounding plants and grass will need to be covered to prevent damage. You will need to prepare your chosen fungicide solution (your professional roof cleaner will be able to advise on the right one for your building). During soft washing, water is run through a pump that is similar to a pressure washer but at a much lower pressure. The solution will be blended with the water and sprayed onto your roof. Because of the high concentration of cleaning solutions, less pressure is needed to effectively remove the organisms found here.

Once it has been applied to all relevant areas, the roof will be rinsed down with clean water and allowed to dry naturally. The process will likely take a few hours and the results will typically last for around one year. We highly recommend having this process undertaken annually – especially if your roof is particularly prone to algae.

At Jet This Way, we offer a range of specialist roof cleaning services and can help you with annual soft washing too. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact with us here today.