Window cleaning – it’s something that we’ve all likely seen being done or had done ourselves. Being one of those essential jobs around the home doesn’t mean it’s one that everyone’s jumping to do. But the team here at Jet This Way have the skills and expertise to bring your windows back to their full, sparkly glory. Based in Somerset, we have worked with hundreds of homeowners, commercial businesses and property developers to keep their windows in top condition throughout the entire year. And, along with this, we regularly receive questions from our customers about how to maintain their windows, make the most of our services or simply understand the benefits. This is why we’re proud to be launching our blog – the place to discover everything you need to know about window cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning and jet washing.

Window cleaning

Your windows are the gateway in (and out) of your home. They are one of the first things that potential buyers, customers and visitors see – indicating how well looked after your home is. And, for this reason, we truly believe that they deserve the right care and maintenance. Our team is well experienced in numerous techniques to help remove built-up grime and dirt from windows of all sizes.

Roof cleaning

Offering protection and structural support, the roof on your building plays a vital role in safety. Therefore, it’s maintenance is something that should be prioritised throughout the year. Built-up dirt, debris and grime can have an impact, causing a weakening of materials and eventual damage. Our roof cleaning service is designed to minimise this risk, regularly clearing away the contaminants that can cause significant damage.

Gutter cleaning

Helping to drain away built-up moisture and debris from the roof, your gutters should be properly maintained. Without this, they can put pressure on the roof before causing damage to a building’s structure. Regular cleaning ensures that leaves, dirt and other build-up are removed efficiently and rainwater can drain away safely.

Driveway cleaning

As the entrance point to your home, the driveway acts as a key factor in the curb appeal of any property. Our professional team uses the best equipment and techniques to remove built-up dirt and grime, bringing back the colour of each slab and helping to reduce damage over time. We also offer soft washing which allows certain surfaces to be cleaned without the high pressures to prevent injury and damage.

Using our range of equipment, team’s expertise and professional contacts, we can bring your driveway, commercial forecourt, windows and building back to it’s full, clean and sparkling glory.

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