The gutters around your home play a vital role in the management of rainwater and debris. They are a vital feature and one that it pays to maintain properly. Whether you have a double-storey house or a single-floor bungalow, your gutters should always be kept as a priority. And therefore, it pays to schedule regular gutter cleaning into your year. In this blog, we’ll highlight the importance of proper maintenance and discuss how often you should organise this service.

What is the role of your gutters?

The gutters and drainage system around your home is designed to direct water away from the roof and base of a building. Water that is left to pool poses a significant risk to a building’s structure, increasing the risk of damage and weakness over time. Without clean and intact gutters, water would have no structured route for leaving the roof. This increases the likelihood that water will run down the sides of your home, infiltrating into the foundation and causing water damage over time.

Common causes of gutter blockages

Over time, it’s common for gutters to become blocked up. The main cause is the build-up of debris from leaves and other organic matter. If you have overhanging trees or foliage in your surrounding area, the risk of this increases significantly over autumn. Much of this will decompose, forming a clog of rotten matter which doesn’t allow water to flow smoothly through. The weight caused by these blockages increases the risk of cracks, breaks and other physical damage. This is why they must be removed and cleaned out efficiently.

Signs that your gutter needs cleaning

If you spot any of these common signs, it could be an indication that your gutters need cleaning:

  • Organic growth in your gutters – a sign that soil and nutrients are present when they shouldn’t be.
  • Pests such as birds, squirrels and mice scurrying around in your gutters
  • Staining or mildew on the walls or roof
  • Leaks coming through your roof
  • Cracked running down the walls
  • Sagging or damaged sections

With the right maintenance and care schedule, you’ll be able to avoid seeing these signs too regularly. But it’s worth recognising them so you can take action as quickly as possible.

So, how often should I have my gutters cleaned?

Here at Jet This Way, we recommend you book in to have your gutters cleaned twice a year – in late Spring and early Autumn. This will allow us to remove any debris caused by overlooking trees, clear away dirt before the intense weather in Summer and Winter and identify any more pressing issues. If there is any damage, these times of the year are ideal for replacements and repairs as you are less dependent on your household drainage system.

If it’s time to check your gutters and make sure they’re in clean, working order, get in contact with our team here today. We offer a professional gutter cleaning service to homes in and around Street, Somerset.