As a business, you’re always fighting against the competition. Local businesses, online sellers etc – there’s always someone to stay pitted against. As industries become more and more saturated and challenging, it pays to invest in those small tweaks that can set you ahead of the competition. And, one of those is clean windows. If you’re operating out of a brick-and-mortar store, caring for your premises is a vital consideration when trying to drum up new business. Let’s take a look at how clean windows can help your business in this blog today.

Curb appeal

While part of your business will certainly rely on repeat custom, you’re always looking for ways to bring new customers into your store. Some will do their research, looking for a specific product and visiting you with the understanding that you stock it. Others will simply walk past, spot your store and become intrigued. A well-kept and maintained shop front tells customers that this business is professional and dedicated to creating a good atmosphere for everyone. Dirty windows, in contrast, are a sign of neglect for a building. An indicator that investing in a window cleaner isn’t a priority and enforcing the idea that perhaps the inside of the store won’t be as well maintained either.

Also, consider how much better a customer will be able to see and view your products from outdoors if your windows are sparkling clean.

Brand persona

Your brand is your message to your customers. It tells them whether you’re likely to be a business that they feel aligned with and want to shop with. The appearance of your store is part of your brand message – it is one of the first insights into your business that a customer gets. Good, clean windows and a tidy front provides a positive branding message, telling your customers that you care about them.

Indication of success

Poorly kept buildings tell passers-by that there are no available resources or funds to care for the premises. Clean windows are an indication of success – a sign that investments are being made into the right areas of the business and that activities to drum up more business are in play. They tell customers that you are doing well and encourage them to become a part of this success.

Employee morale

In the same manner that you want to attract the right customers, you always want to keep the right employees. Investing in cleaning and maintenance in a building where they spend a lot of time shows employees that you care. It gives them a sense of pride in their job and the shop itself, boosting morale and helping with productivity.


Unkempt windows and built-up dirt can cause damage if left unattended for an extended period of time. Whether this is due to cracks being ignored or excessive weight from debris, damage to a commercial building increases the likelihood of burglary and property damage. Having your windows cleaned regularly doesn’t just improve the safety of a building – it also reduces unnecessary repair costs that could arise due to neglect.

The impact that poorly cleaned windows can have on your business is significant. This is why it pays to invest in a professional window cleaning service. Regular maintenance and care will help to boost sales, improve employee positivity and show your business as a thriving and successful enterprise. Jet This Way provides professional-grade window cleaning for commercial and residential properties in and around Street, Somerset. If you would like more information or a quote, please do get in contact here today.