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Why should you clean your Gutters

You maybe asking why I need to cleaning my Gutters.
Like a roof the gutters are a lot more important than many of us think.
Gutters are designed to divert all the rain water of the uk away from our properties, this will reduce the risk of your property becoming damp.
At Jet This Way we have a larger gutter Vacuum system that is designed to suck debris from your gutters from the safety of the ground.
With its strong triple vacuum motors we have not come across a gutter we cannot clear as yet.
We find all sort of things blocking gutters, when a gutter is full of soft moss, leaves, grass and so on this all becomes homes for rodents.
They start making nests this stops the flow of the water away from the house.
But a even big problem arises, rats and mice are then going to find there way into your attic up under the soffit.
This then becomes a even great expense as you are calling in a exterminator, this could have be totally avoided from a basic gutter clean.
With quality high powered equipment clearing gutters isn’t as time consuming as it use to be, because of this the cost is greatly reduced.
We can reach heights of at lease 3 storeys which from safety point of view is great, no more having to place a triple ladder on the building, this is not fun at all and very dangerous.
Luckily as technology moves forward we no longer need to do this, which means no health and safety issues.
This also means there are no ladders scratching and scraping the paint work of your house, it’s a win win situation.
Protecting our staff and protection for your lovely property.
So get Jet This Way to clean your gutters.

Let think about the aesthetics of the gutters

Due to the nature of what the gutters do they tend to either go black or green over time from the weathering of elements.
There is nothing worse than looking up at your property and seeing dirty gutters, we use various commercial products at our disposal too rid your gutters of this dirty.
We leave them looking bright and clean like the day they were put up.
You will never have a staff member working on your property that hasn’t been trained to do so.

Many ask about pricing, how much to clean my gutters?

So what do we charge for the cleaning of gutters, many get confused by this.
Do you want a gutter empty or gutter clean, so a gutter empty is as it states.
We will use a high powered machine and alloy poles that all fit together, this causes a strong vacuum removing everything from the gutter.
So the emptying of a gutter starts from £40 for a local 3 bedroom property.
Prices increase the larger the property and the further we travel.
The cleaning of the gutter is the outside, where often the plastics are dirty, mould and other elements have weather it.
Again all this can be cleaned, and 9 times out 10 we bring the plastics back to looking new again.
Of course this isn’t possible if the gutters are badly damaged by the sun, then you are looking at replacements which we also do for our clients.
We have a great plastics supplier where we can buy pretty much every fitting we need to complete a full repair for the client.
So get Jet This Way to clean your gutters.
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