The roof of your property is arguably the most important part. It offers protection against the elements, supports structural integrity, and minimises the risk of moisture damage. Therefore, keeping it in tip-top condition should be at the top of your priority list. When it comes to roof cleaning, certain tell-tale signs indicate that it may be time for you to pay more attention. Ignoring these can result in significant complications in the future – one’s that will be far more costly to resolve.

Let’s take a look at 3 of these signs that your roof needs cleaning here.

1. Moss growth

Moss is a spore-bearing land plant that doesn’t have typical roots. It thrives in damp, cool conditions. Generally, when moss grows on a roof, it does so in shaded areas such as patches underneath trees or other structures. Once you notice it growing on your roof, it’s time to look at ways to remove it.

If left untreated, it can seriously damage the structural integrity of your building. When it finds a spot in which to thrive, it begins to absorb the moisture around and establishes its base in your roof. Over time, this can cause roof shingles to be lifted and moisture to find its way underneath. Eventually, you’ll find that there are holes in your roof and signs of leaks inside the building. Additionally, moss creates an unstable surface which can make it difficult for areas of your roof to be accessed for repair or safety purposes.

2. Build-up of leaves

Whether your building sits underneath overhanging trees or simply near other foliage, you should keep an eye out for excessive leaves. While it may not seem the most pressing issue, this build-up can cause more problems than you’d think. Wet leaves can add to unwanted moisture – especially in drainage systems. They can block the steady flow of rainwater from the roof through the gutters and down the drain pipes. If not removed, this water will begin to pool and put the structural integrity of your building at risk.

This issue is most prominent for people with overhanging trees. One way to avoid this from happening year-after-year is to cut back any branches that sit over the top of your building. Do this before Autumn time and you’ll have less to clear out once all the leaves drop.

3. Visible Build-Up of Dirt

For many homeowners, cleaning their roof doesn’t make the top of their To-Do list. And it ends up being years before this task is done. In these situations, it’s not uncommon for the first noticeable signs of a problem to be lifted shingles, tiles, or other damage. And, by this time, it can be too far along for simple repair jobs. If you notice a build-up of dirt, grime, dark marks, or any potential changes in your roof, it may be time to consider having it cleaned. When you choose to work with the right team, they will be able to identify any early problems or significant issues that need addressing.

How is a roof professionally cleaned?

Depending on the issues at hand, your roof will be cleaned using several different processes. Moss and algae are usually treated with a roof scraping and/or a high-quality biocide combined with a full commercial jet washdown. This is done from a cherry picker or scaffold with telescopic lances and provides the cleanest, most thorough results. A full biocide clean also leaves a level of protection for your roof and keeps moss and algae at bay for a minimum of 5 years.

The team here at Jet This Way will assess your roof for any potential signs of further damage, allowing you to identify these early and get the necessary repairs done. Roof cleaning is an essential part of property ownership. We have a professional team on hand to ensure you get the best results. If you would like to speak to us or book a roof clean, get in contact with us today.