Here we clean windows various ways which included the traditional blade and applicator which has proven to always have given a good clean.

However as our properties change and windows are not so easy to reach, window cleaners are glad to have seen the pole system come along and help us help the client with their needs. This lessens the need for the use for ladders, keeping us safer to complete our work. The pole system is purified water which is pumped through a purpose build system specially built for the window cleaning industry.

After the window is cleaned the glass stays wet which in turn dries clear, there are some people that don’t like this system for this reason. The brushes get into every corner removing all debris and leaving the windows with a lovely clean and of course is a lot safer than ladders.


With an estimated two million ladders in daily use across the UK, it is perhaps not surprising that ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents investigated by the Health & Safety Executive in workplaces in the UK each year.

The use of ladders is by far and away the largest single cause of such accidents both in the workplace and at home.

With more people undertaking DIY involving ladder work, figures show that around 48,000 people a year in the UK now attend hospital Accident and Emergency departments following a ladder accident in and around work and home.